The series “Painting Timer” began in 2011 and renders the abstract concept time and its measurement into visual and literal form through the medium of color. The works are composed of small individual paintings.  In these small paintings, each of which represents either an individual day or week, I translate a day's personal experiences and moods into a single color. This color is then combined with a neutral tone according to universal patterns such as the percentage of the moon that was in shadow on that date. Each year these installations have looked at different elements and ways of visualizing and tracking time. Days have been organized sequentially into weeks either horizontally or vertically while looking at the relationship of day to night, or sunrise and sunset, and waking and sleeping. In this body of work, I strive to create an eloquent balance between my personal perceptions and universally recognized structures that represent the passage of time.

Painting Time:Season Fall 2018Painting Time: Season: Summer 2017Painting Time: Summer 2017, detailPainting Time: Summer 2017, detailPainting Time: Spring 2016Detail - Painting Time: Spring 2016Painting Time: Season Winter 2016Painting Time: Season Detail WinterPainting Time:  2015Detail:  Painting Time: 2015Detail: Painting Time:  2015Detail Painting Time: 2015Painting Time: 2015_Detail 3Detail: Painting Time: 2015 Detail 5Painting Time: Night and Day, 1.1-2.25.2014Painting Time: Night and Day, 4.23-6.17.2014Painting Time: Night and Day, 6.18-8.12.2014Painting Time: Night and Day, 8.13-10.7.2014Painting Time: Night and Day, 10.8-12.2.2014Painting Time: Night and Day, 12.3-12.31.2014Painting Time: Night and Day (2014) detailDetail / Painting Time: Night and Day, 2.26-4.22.2014Detail / Painting Time: 6.18-8.12.2014Painting Time: February 2013Painting Time: March 2013Painting Time: April 2013Painting Time: May 2013Painting Time: June 2013Painting Time: July 2013Painting Time: August 2013Detail: Year in Color: August 2013Year in Color: December 2013Year in Color: September 2013Year in Color: October 2013Year in Color: November 2013Painting Time: Lunar Phases 2012 (52 weeks + 2 days)Painting Time: 2012 Weeks 31, 32, 33Painting Time: 2012 Lunar Phases Weeks 35, 36, 37, & 38Painting Time: 2013 Lunar Phases: Week 40Painting Time: 2012 Lunar Phases: Weeks 46 & 47Painting Time: Palette: Days 8/8/12 to 9/1/12Painting Tine: Palette: Days 10/28/12 to 11/24/12Painting Time: 2011 (52 weeks + a day)
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