This work foregrounds painting as process and experience. In this series of paintings, the primary focus is on the layers, texture, movement, color, and their relationships. Paint is applied in a variety of ways, using brushes, rollers, sprays, and drips in a back-and-forth movement, layering and removing layers to translate my sense of place and time. This work is created between my studio in the Berkshires, which is in a rural/forest setting and my Oakland studio, an urban environment. The work created in my Berkshire studio reflects the different seasons, looking out my studio window watching the play of light on snow or grass and the surrounding forest. My urban/warehouse studio produces subtle changes, colors become more muted, worn, with more texture, responding to the denser and busier environment.

Click on an image below for more information. Berkshire Fall 2019 #4Berkshire Summer 2019 #1Berkshire Fall 2019 #1Berkshire Fall 2019 #2Oakland Berkshire Summer 2019 #4Oakland Berkshire Fall 2019 #1Oakland Berkshire Fall #2Berkshire Summer 2019Oakland Gray 2018 #510-21-18Blue 2018Berkshire Summer 2Berkshire Summer #3Summer 2018Berkshire Winter 2 2019Fall Untitled, 2018Berkshire Summer 8Time LapseBerkshire Summer 9Berkshire Summer 10UncertaintyUnraveling2017 #3_Untitled2017 #4 Untitled2017 #13 Time LayersBerkshire Summer 72018 #10 - Graphite Blue2017 #2 Woven2017 #2 Woven
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